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Not just a caller ...

Besides being a musician and barn dance caller,
I've been a teacher (on and off) since 1974.
I still
have a lot of contact with a wide variety of schools.

Read more to find out what I can offer your school.

Back in the early 90s, I was invited by BBC Schools Radio
to write a series of ten programmes about Folk Dance,
for the Junior Dance series.

I wrote the scripts and the teachers' notes,
presented all the programmes, arranged all the music,
and even played the keyboard in the band.

Those programmes are still in use
in many schools up and down the country.

More and more authorities now recognise the value
of music and dance in schools,
and I can provide the following workshops
(as either half-day or full-day sessions):

  • music
  • dance
  • song-writing

I can also, of course, put on a barn dance for your PTA.

Contact Ian Carter, the Caller to find out
what I can do for your school.

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