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Beat the credit crunch for your corporate event!

Booking a live band for your dinner-dance
can be a very expensive affair.

Find out how booking
Ian Carter, the Caller for your event
can save you hundreds of pounds!

The option to book a live band is always open.
In fact, I work with a number of excellent
barn dance and ceilidh bands and musicians.

However, if you need to be careful with your budget,
why not book me as a one-man show, with my MIDI keyboard?

Close your eyes and it feels just the same
as if there's a live ceilidh band playing.
However, because it's just me, with my assistant,
that means it won't cost you a fortune.

To hear what it sounds like, just click on the
Videos, Music and Photos tab above.
Watch the videos, listen to the music samples,
then get in touch to book me for your event!


A barn dance brings everyone together,
whatever their status or position within the company.
It's fantastic for team-building.

Getting through a dance successfully
means everyone has to work together -
but all the time, the emphasis is on having fun,
rather than on precision.

(In fact, many people say it's at its best
when everyone gets it wrong together!)

Strangely enough, even though it's quite exhausting
dancing so energetically for a whole evening,
it's actually quite relaxing,
and great for getting rid of pent-up stress.

Book Ian Carter, the Caller NOW
for your next social event.

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