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This is a compilation of video clips from recent barn dances,
in such venues as a golf club, a village hall,
a centre for adults with learning difficulties, and so on.

The music is being played by MIDIband
(in other words, my PSR3000 keyboard).
I played all the tunes myself,
recording them as MIDI data,
which is stored on a USB memory stick.

Using the keyboard instead of CDs or MP3s
gives me tremendous flexibility,
particularly when it comes to
adjusting the speed (tempo) to suit the audience.

That came in especially handy
when I was doing a dance for adults with learning difficulties,
some of whom were in wheelchairs.

I can also play "live" if someone requests
a tune that I haven't sequenced yet.

I've even been known to accompany
my own singing between dances,
but don't tell everyone!

Ian Carter calling with Kellys Heroes PDF Print E-mail

Here's a very short video of the fantastic
Celtic band, Kellys Heroes.
From time to time, they ask me to call for them,
and it's such a pleasure!

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Here's an idea of what it was like
on Friday 4th September 2009
on Derby Market Place.

About 2000 people came to listen
and dance to the music of the Derbyshire Volunteers,
with "yours truly" Ian Carter, the Caller.

It was terrific fun - we started at 9 pm
and would have continued till 11
if rain hadn't stopped play.

A great time was had by all!

Ian Carter with iPod PDF Print E-mail

Here's a video I made at a school teacher's retirement party.
She was retiring to Scotland, hence all the flags.

At that time, I was using MP3 files
on the iPod which you can see in the video.

The Ram Company go back to school PDF Print E-mail

Here's a short, heavily edited video of
The Ram Company (6 out of 9 of us)
performing at Lakeside Primary School, Alvaston, Derby
on Friday 27th March 2009.

It's a promotional video,
to sell schools on the idea of us
playing for their children.

We've done quite a few schools in the Derby area,
and so far it's gone down a storm in all of them.

In fact, the headmaster of one of the schools
wrote to the Derby City & County Music Partnership:

Just a quick note to say thank you
for sending this marvellous group
of talented musicians to our school today.
Their input was educational, entertaining,
outstandingly musical and thoroughly enjoyed
by all pupils and staff. My only question is....
when can they come again?

What a wonderful start to our day.

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