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These days, I'm doing more and more bookings
as a one-man band (with my assistant).

After trying to cope with skidding CDs,
then with variable quality MP3s on an iPod,
I finally decided to arrange and play
all the barn dance tunes myself,
on my professional Yamaha MIDI keyboard.

Here are three short samples,
to give you an idea of how the music sounds now.

Squirrels Medley:

Cooleys Medley:

The Chatham Hornpipe:

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Here are some photos that you can
download and use if you need to.

One of them shows my two keyboards
with my computer setup.

(Sorry if it's a bit untidy, but then,
as a headmaster I worked for once told me:
"An untidy desk is the sign of a creative mind")

I've also included some photos that have surfaced
from my days in Tiger Moth.
Aahhh! They bring back some fond memories.

Quick tip:

Scroll down a bit before clicking on any of the photos,
otherwise you might see a dark band across the picture!

Barn Dance Photos PDF Print E-mail

Here are some photos of people
having fun at a barn dance.

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