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Make your special event fun
for guests of all ages.

A barn dance is the ideal solution.
It gets everyone involved,
and doesn't cost the earth.

From as little as 250*,
you can have a cracking event
with friends and family
that you'll be talking about
for months!

(*within 20 miles of Chesterfield, UK)

A barn dance is suitable
for everyone to join in.
And even if you're not dancing,
you can still have a good time.

Everyone's been to a dance
where the music's far too loud
and nobody can have a
decent conversation.

Well, I make sure you can
enjoy the music
but still hear yourself think.

Save hundreds of pounds
on your wedding entertainment,
barn dance or English ceilidh!

Whatever kind of party you're having:

birthday party
wedding reception
retirement party
fund-raising event
corporate dinner-dance
twin-town social function
student prom

- in fact, any kind of get-together -


on your next event by hiring

Ian Carter, the Caller

How can you save money?

Quite simply, because hiring
Ian Carter, the Caller

costs only a FRACTION of
what it would cost to hire a full band.

In fact, I'm a one-man band!

All the music comes from my professional keyboard.

I've played all the dance tunes myself
and saved them on a memory stick.

So the keyboard sounds just like a real band,
where I play all the instruments.

In fact, if you close your eyes, I'll bet
you'll hardly notice the difference.

Why not check out the examples
of my music on the Gallery page?

What can I offer you?

With over 30 years' experience
of this barn dances and ceilidhs,
I guarantee a great time for all your guests.

Young or not-so-young, experienced or first-timers,
everyone is encouraged to take part.

And don't worry if you've got two left feet.

After all, getting it wrong is what makes it fun!

I've called barn dances and ceilidhs
for children, adults with learning difficulties,
wheelchair users, blind people ...

Even if your guests don't speak English,
I can probably handle it,
as I can call in a variety of languages (ask me).

Check me out!

The Gallery page has examples of the music,
photos, even videos of me in action.

I do work with live bands, but more and more often
as a solo performer with my MIDI keyboard.

In the videos, you can see examples of both types of event.

Have a look at the Events page for details
about corporate events, private parties,
and services for schools.

On the left, you'll see a contact form.
Please leave me a message.
If you have an enquiry,
or if there's anything you'd like to discuss
- or if you'd just like to leave me some feedback -
don't hesitate to get in touch.

You can also ask about booking me for your event.

I can't give you a price right here
on the web page,
because there are so many variables,
but we can discuss that when you get in touch.

Thank you for visiting barndance.biz.

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