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Although I'm a Chesterfield lad,
I remember calling my first barn dance
at a Singers' Night, at Peasmouldia Folk Club
in Derby, probably in 1975 or 6.
Lyn Cooper and Martin Tabraham provided the music,
and I think the first dance I ever called was the Blaydon Races.

Over the years since then, Iíve been a member
of several bands, and had the good fortune
to call for barn dances or ceilidhs with many more.
Hereís a list of bands of which I've been a member.
Iíve put them in alphabetical order,
just for the sake of convenience.

Back Kitchen (with Arthur Billington and Barbara Wynch)

BandAnglo (with Keith Kendrick, Alan Squires and Howard Mitchell)

Beverley Brothers (with Clive Harvey)

Big Daddyís Blues Band (with Arthur Billington and various others)

Clangers (with Robert Mulford - now renamed Dropping Clangers)

Concrete Cows (with Dave Whetstone and Jean-Pierre Rasle)

Dingleís Regatta (with John Kirkpatrick, Phil Langham,
Mike Ellis and Guy Fletcher)

Muckram Wakes (with Keith Kendrick and Johnny Adams
Ė and Barry Coope for a while)

Plastic Cutlery (with Guy Fletcher and Gareth Turner
- both now in Little Johnny England) -
it was good to catch up with Gareth again
at the Derby Folk Festival 2009.
I must say he's looking very good!

And I bumped into Guy at Broadstairs Folk Week
in August 2010. Sickeningly, he doesn't look much older
than when I first knew him!

Ramís Bottom (with Keith Kendrick, Barry Coope,
the late Rick Scollins, Ron Cossor and Trevor Hopkins)

Ripley Wayfarers (with Mick Peat, Barry Renshaw,
Andrew Train and Phil Langham)

Shuboot (with school students Gary Whitfield, Jason Dilley
and Simon Young) - great to hear from Jason recently,
after well over 20 years!
He's now playing bass with a Melton Mowbray band, Altered Ego.

Tangent Band (with Lester Simpson, Barry Coope,
Mark Henshaw, Trevor Hopkins)

The Ram Company (with Keith Kendrick, Sylvia Needham,
Doug Eunson, Sarah Matthews, John Adams, Michelle Short,
Alan Squires and Howard Mitchell)

Tiger Moth (with Ian Anderson, Maggie Holland, Rod Stradling,
Jon Moore and the late John Maxwell)

(I once [mid-to-late-70s?] depped with New Victory Band on guitar when the banjo player was ill!)

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